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FOR A FEE OF TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) per hour [one hour minimum], we will search the appropriate sources for your family:

1. Cemetery Transcripts [most, but not all, of Erie County is included. Partial transcripts for Erie Cemetery and the Erie Diocesan cemeteries are available.]

2. Cheney (Richard) Genealogical Collection [deaths/marriages/census readings/burials/miscellaneous]

3. Church Records for Erie City/County [various denominations such as Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist plus St. Paul's Church of Christ; no Catholic records are available.]

4. Erie City Directories - 1853 to present

5. Erie County Directories - 1859-60; 1884; 1896; 1909; 1925

6. Erie County Gazetteer & Business Directory 1873-74

7. Erie County Histories: 1861, 1884, 1896, 1909, 1925

8. Erie County Naturalizations various records from 1825 to January, 1927

9. Erie County Tax Assessment Records 1823 to 1913 scattered and incomplete

10. Erie Newspaper Index: Marriages & Deaths 1822 to 1906 (abstracts)

11. Erie Obituary Index 1907 to present (only shows name and date of newspaper where death notice or obituary appeared)

12. History of the PA Volunteer - Civil War by Bates ten volumes and index

13. Letters of Intent (Naturalizations) 1907 to 1927 only

14. Passenger & Immigration List Index/Filby's 

15. Soldiers of the American Revolution - burials in Erie County, PA by the S.A. R. 1995

16. 1865 Erie County Historical Atlas (includes a surname index)

17. 1876 Erie County Historical Atlas (includes surnames indexed by township)

18. E.S.G.R. "Keystone Kuzzins" Index [Vol. 1 - current]

19. E.S.G.R. Membership Surname File

20. E.S.G.R. Correspondence Surname File

21. Historical Society of Erie County & Museum's Genealogy files

22. Various Family Histories - donations

SPECIAL SEARCHES: Fee: $5.00 per surname [different names] plus copying costs of $.30 per page.

For a fee of $10.00 per hour, we will visit the Erie County Court House and search for wills and/or marriage license applications. The wills here in Erie county go back to 1823. Marriage license applications only go back as far as 1885. Exact or approximate dates of death and marriage will help to pinpoint and find a will or a marriage license application. Researchers will be billed for copying costs.

For a fee of $ 5.00 per half hour, we will visit the Blasco Memorial Library and search for obituaries. The date of death is needed to find the person's name in the Erie Obituary Index. Copying fee per page is $.10 for the obituary.

[Added 12/12/02] City of Erie Vital Records are now available for research. Please click here for further information on time period covered and fee involved ---> City of Erie Vital Records Research





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