ESGR is authorized to research the City Vital Records. Please select the type of record from the list below that you wish to be searched. Because some of the records are not indexed, the search may be time consuming. We require a fee of $12.50 per name for the search and the certificate. If records are found, then we will forward the information to the Research & Reference Assistant of the Erie County Historical Society, who will mail a final certificate(s) to you. If no record is found, then a refund of $7.50 will be mailed to you.

Please use this form when requesting a City of Erie Vital Records search. Use a separate form for each name.

Name to Search ____________________________ Father’s Name (if known) ____________________________

Mother’s Name (maiden name if known) __________________________________________________________

Check Record(s) to search        Death Register [   ]  Birth Register [   ]    Delayed Birth Proof [   ]   St Vincent’s Receipt [   ]   Communicable Disease Register [   ]   Teachers Certificates [   ]

Date or time frame of birth _________________________ [Births May 1, 1888 to December, 1905 only]

Date or time frame of death ________________________ [Deaths July 5, 1875 to January 24, 1908 only]

Your Name __________________________________   Email _________________________________

Address ____________________________________   Phone ________________________________

City __________________________________   State _______________   Zip ___________________

Signature _________________________________________________________________________

Any special instructions or other pertinent information you can supply _________________________________


Make checks payable to "ESGR"
Send to: ESGR, PO Box 1403, Erie PA 16512-1403
Or leave at the Erie County History Center library desk

For ESGR Use Only

Log Number _________    Amount Included ____________    Date Rec’d ___________________
Record(s) searched __________________________________   Searcher ___________________
Record Found [    ]    Record Not Found [    ]

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